Our Farm's Story


Leslie Svacina owns and manages Cylon Rolling Acres, a grass-based livestock farm, in Northwestern Wisconsin near Deer Park. Leslie's husband Scott and young children also help out on the farm.

They raise Boer-Kiko cross goats for meat on pasture. During most of the year, the goats are rotationally grazed on pasture throughout their 140-acre farm. Today Leslie’s herd includes about 45 breeding stock and is still growing.

When Leslie was looking at different farming opportunities, she learned there is a growing demand for goat meat in our region because of our area’s changing cultural makeup. Goat meat can also be challenging to find in the grocery store and if you might find it, it’s likely imported from thousands of miles away. Nearly 90% of goat meat in our country is from Australia. Leslie wanted to be able to help families be able to more easily have goat meat on the menu at family celebrations or even as a regular meal option.

You can learn more about the farm at our full farm website here.